Ways of Seeing

In Praise of In-Between Places: The Next Frontier for Social Innovation

By Victoria Kindred Keziah

Victoria Kindred Keziah is a is a bio-inspired strategist specializing in sustainable and social innovation.

For more information, please visit www.netgenerative.com.

2 thoughts on “In Praise of In-Between Places: The Next Frontier for Social Innovation”

  1. Daniela Howell

    Beautiful and insightful…Victoria’s essay is a great reminder for us, solution seekers, to allow ourselves to sit still in the ecotone, almost in a meditative state; or to may be take action and play in the ecotone, in a learning mode, for as long as it is needed, until the signs of a complex and resilient solution design emerge.


  2. mark del thompson

    That is beautiful Daniela. In your work as a pioneer of regenerative grassland management you exemplify the” live in the question” Viktoria extols


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