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We are in the Network Age! To ignore that reality is to pass on the vast opportunities to ride the waves of change, garner new learnings and gain leadership for yourself or your organization. Emergence, by any name – innovation, cross-domain sharing, or network dynamics, is one of the greatest of these opportunities. It is also one of our greatest challenges. Understanding emergence, the behavior of networks and the power of complexity are the route to grasping those opportunities and insuring the challenges don’t bury you.

The boundless and ubiquitous connectivity that technology has enabled is thrusting us all into the network age at an unprecedented pace. Emergence, complexity and network behaviors, once a mere curiosity, are coming front and center for businesses and individuals.

And we struggle with the necessary changes in mindset.

With networks and complex systems, we can no longer truly have control. Instead, we must learn to enable, influence and shape – to design networks and our interactions with them – not attempt to control them. This calls for new mental frameworks, new ways to visualize and communicate about complexity and networks, new tools to sense and influence networks and new ways to design and manage organizations and individuals interacting with networks.

Our goal with Design4Emergence is to help learn, grow, and be ready for whatever challenges or opportunities the Network Age presents us. A daunting challenge that only a community can possibly tackle.

We are seeking to provide a digital magazine and platform that brings what science and nature say about network behavior to a wider audience and that is also dynamic enough to keep pace with the thinking and desires of our most cutting edge audience members.

Our mission is help provide Leadership in the Network Age. To understand and appreciate the changes and opportunities. And to help those who grasp the value of designing networks: doctors, educators, entrepreneurs, NGO heads, design thinkers and corporate strategists. They all belong in our network: a community of learning, sharing and forward looking leadership.

We hope you decide to join with us.

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