How to Play Nice in Our Network

Design4emergence is committed to driving impactful, engaging conversations around the power of networks — this starts with collaboration. Our hope is that by connecting diverse opinions and expertise, we empower our network to do what it does best — create value. We may not be able to design for the emergence of great ideas, but we can certainly try.

Our community rules are simple and apply to all our platforms:

Please do:

  • Ask and answer with passion but, also, respect.
  • Listen with patience.
  • Amiably challenge opinions.
  • Enthusiastically share our content/conversations across your own networks.

Please don’t:

  • Be dogmatic about what you know. If you think you are the smartest person in our community, you’re in the wrong community.
  • Take credit for the work of others.
  • SPAM other members with unsolicited offers or opinions.
  • Attack other commenters.

We reserve the right to remove any comments where commenters are:

  • Attacking community members due to their appearance, spiritual/religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, gender or other personal characteristics, unrelated to the network science stories, theories and discussions at hand. Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated in our space, as they add zero value to intelligent conversation.
  • Plugging other websites/links or spam. We want to share related content and communities, but these types of comments will be removed if they distract away from meaningful conversations.


Any questions? Please contact